The Guide to AI Adoption

As organizations look to adopt AI, many find themselves stumbling into the starting blocks, unclear on what steps to pursue to achieve success. Learn how your organization can overcome these hurdles and close the AI adoption gap with our free eBook 'The Guide to AI Adoption'.

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Elevating business through AI

We help business leaders understand how applied artificial intelligence can redefine competitive advantage and develop powerful software applications that create efficiencies, mitigate risk and drive revenue.

We are an invested partner.

We take a long term view to relationship building and are committed to delivering value in guiding you toward successful AI adoption.

DynaLife partnership

"Partnering with AltaML where it allows both organizations to learn, grow and adapt together is crucial as we recognize that technology and the transformative power of digitization in the health and life sciences sector is ever increasing at a rapid rate."

Jason Pincock - CEO, DynaLIFE Medical Labs

We have a proven approach to applied AI.

Our methodology has been refined over 100s of use cases across industries and addresses the key challenges at each stage of the project cycle. Projects are gated after the experiment stage with only the most successful models moving forward.


Develop AI literacy within the partner organization. AI literacy is a functional understanding of how AI can add the most value to the business.



Working with domain experts, identify the highest volume of potential use cases, then define and prioritize.



Iterate through exploratory data analysis, feature engineering and model training, and model evaluation. Outcome is a working AI model.



Validate and confirm value realization. Software development begins.



Deploy model in production environment and integrate into business workflow.



Monitor model performance and integrity and retrain as required.

We have an accessible, talented team.

We bring deep technical and business expertise and a pragmatic mindset to all projects. This expertise is shared openly with the partner to accelerate learning around applied AI.

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