Primaries and Secondaries

Hex: #00a5bb
CMYK: 85 11 25 0
RGB: 0 165 187
Primary 2
Hex: #002039
CMYK: 95 35 10 85
RGB: 0 32 57
Secondary 1
Hex: #f79141
CMYK: 0 52 83 0
RGB: 247 145 65
Secondary 2
Hex: #d81e52
CMYK: 11 100 61 0
RGB: 216 30 82


We require that you follow the guidelines to ensure our logo looks the best on where you plan on implementing it. Please do not alter our logo in any way, including changing colours, dimensions, removing either the icon or wordmark and so on.

Colour AltaML logo
Colour Logo
Includes: JPG, PNG, and EPS.
Black AltaML logo
Black Logo
Includes: JPG, PNG, and EPS.
White AltaML logo
White Logo
Includes: JPG, PNG, and EPS.

Logo Variations: Don'ts

Refrain from modifying the logo in any way. The logo should remain the same as noted above. The AltaML brand should be used thoughtfully and consistently.

AltaML logo do nots
  • Do not change the colour lock-up
  • Do not rotate the logo
  • Do not scale individual elements
  • Do not scale logo disproportionately
  • Do not reposition wordmark
  • Do not skew the logo
  • Do not apply additional effects
  • Do not use low-resolution artwork

Clear Space

Clear Space AltaML logo

The logo requires a defined area around the elements to “breathe” correctly. This area is referred to as the clear space and should never contain other graphic or typographic elements.

The clear space is based on distances calculated from within the logo itself and should always be considered as the minimum distance between the logo and other elements. Because the clear space is derived from the logo, it will scale up and down based on usage.

The main measurement is defined by the height of the letter “A”. This distance is then used to define the logo’s surrounding clear space.

Final Comments

Thank you for taking the time to go through our brand guide. If you are having troubles with anything on this guide or if it's missing anything you need please contact us at [email protected].