Brand Guidelines

Thank you for your interest in using our assets. We want to make it easy for you to intergrate our branding with your needs but also respecting our guidelines.

Logo Variations: Do's

We require that you follow the guidelines to ensure our logo looks the best on where you plan on implementing it. Please do not alter our logo in any way, including changing colours, dimensions, removing either the icon or wordmark and so on.

AltaML Logo

Includes: JPG, PNG, EPS.
Download Logo

AltaML White Logo

Includes: JPG, PNG, EPS.
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AltaML Black Logo

Includes: JPG, PNG, EPS.
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Logo Variations: Don'ts

Refrain from modifying the logo in any way. The logo should remain the same as noted above. The AltaML brand should be used thoughtfully and consistently.

DON'T: Distort the logo

DON'T: Change colour from what is noted above

DON'T: Use the wordmark without the icon

DON'T: Use the icon without the wordmark

DON'T: Rotate the logo

DON'T: Stack the icon on top of the wordmark

Exclusion Zone

Exclusion zone having clear space on all sides of the logo in any design layout.
The exclusion zone around the half the height of the wordmark and has to be applied on all sides.

AltaML Logo Exclusion Zone

Colour Palette

Consistent use of the colour palette will reinforce the AltaML brand.

HEX: #D9A429
RGB: R217 G164 B41
CMYK: C0% M21% Y69% K15%

HEX: #004769
RGB: R20 G71 B105
CMYK: C41% M13% Y0% K59%

HEX: #000002
RGB: R0 G0 B2
CMYK: C1% M1% Y0% K99%

Final comments

Thank you for taking the time to go through our brand guide. If you are having troubles with anything on this guide or if it's missing anything you need please contact us at [email protected].