Passionate about ML and Tech?

We see AI/ML as the next step forward in unlocking the best in all industries - and people. Think so too? We should talk!

Why join AltaML?

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Learn a lot.

Work in collaboration with an amazing team of very smart people with diverse experience and backgrounds.

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Make an impact.

Learn to think strategically and drive the innovation and direction of the team.

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Work with the freedom to fail, experiment and learn.

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Be entrepreneurial.

Gain access to a team that can help move your ideas forward.

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Join a fast growing team.

Get in on the ground floor and help shape the vision of a new and growing company.

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Get benefits and balance.

Enjoy flexibility in where you work, what hours you work, how much vacation you take, and what you wear. Your work/life balance will be respected like never before.

What We Look For

AltaML Core Values

At AltaML, we are dedicated to building impactful products in the machine learning space. Our core values speak volumes about who we are and how we work:


Listen to the data


Tap-dance to work


Be persistent, not complacent


Make small bets, then iterate

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